Genre: Documentary
Production Company: Strong Island Films
Formats: Commission 6×60’ / Acquisitions 3×60’
Territory Rights: Worldwide


This reality documentary series follows the emotional journey of 16 diverse undergraduate Georgetown University students as they morph into social justice warriors. Over the course of the semester, these students re-investigate five potential wrongful conviction cases with the goal of obtaining the Holy Grail – getting someone out of prison.

From the first day of class, led by a former exoneree, the students are in the field digging for new evidence, new witnesses and hunting the real killers. These kids are battling the system, questioning law enforcement, prosecutors and District Attorneys. Their investigations shine a blinding light on the deep roots of corruption in the US judicial system.  

This isn’t just a class, this is about people’s lives and the clock is ticking… the inmates have exhausted all of their legal resources and the students are their last hope at freedom. Will these students be able to find the evidence they need to set someone free?