Genre: Entertainment
Production Company: Lottie Naughton
Rights: Worldwide


Our host not only meets and greets the top music artists around, but confronts them with some of their biggest covers gone viral… Each week our presenter sits on the couch and grills, jokes and chats with their guest(s) on everything past, present and whats to come. They are some of the UK’s biggest stars, but also our host’s best friends, so there are no boundaries, no formalities, just fun.

But it’s not all bragging and banter, as our host ambushes the chat with hugely trending viral clips. But these aren’t any old clips.

They have scoured the internet to find their guests’ biggest fans who have covered, in whole range of ways, their hits. Some are rather good, in fact so good our guest gets a tad nervous… others are unique, bizarre and unthinkably creative.