Genre: Reality Dating Entertainment
Production Company: Lottie Naughton
Format: –
Rights: Worldwide


Firstly, they will inspect, analyse and have a root around.

Do they like the car? The colour? The make? Does it look like it’s been through the mud swamps of the south hemisphere or squeaky clean, almost suspiciously so?

Car One is covered in bumper-stickers and our date is alerted immediately to their love of indie rock, and with it sporting an old school cassette player music system there are even some mixed tapes they can pump for the ride.

Car Two and Car Three are less outwardly flamboyant, and while Car Two looks like it’s a rescued bumper car from Brighton Pier with so many dents and bashes, Car Three has a bit more identity inside, and by identity it’s the festering gym kit in the back that smells so old it could walk out by itself.

The audience will also meet the secret car owners, so they will know over our dater who’s car they are driving and whether what they are anticipating and assuming of dates is in fact true or not!

Secondly, they will drive to the last three destinations the car went. Do the places end up being their local haunts too by coincidence? Can they leverage extra intel when some locations involve meeting friends and family?

At the end of the test drives our dater picks her date via their cars and their experience in and with them.