The Writers’ strike is finally over – but are we heading for a new era or an existential moment, wonders Anthony Kimble, CEO of Arrested Industries


After months of uncertainty and tension, the curtains have finally risen on a new chapter for Hollywood as the writers’ strike comes to an end. The City of Angels is abuzz with both relief and anticipation, as (almost) everyone ponders over getting back to work. But what will the future hold?


At an event last Wednesday at the Hollywood Palladium the guild celebrated its leadership and solidarity and outlined the deal points to its members. It was described by one friend who attended as an uplifting “rock concert”, giving everyone reasons to rejoice after months of hardship.


Some of the productions that were put on hold can now resume. Suspension of overall deals has been halted and the giants like Berlanti, Rhimes and Murphy are already kick starting their creative engines to get productions up and running. And the quick turnaround daily shows with the likes of Bill Maher and John Oliver have already hit the airwaves.

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