With the chances of a US writers strike rising by the day, Arrested Industries co-CEO and founder Anthony Kimble provides his latest take on life in LA and reflects on the ability of C-suite execs to wangle their way onto red carpets.

This has been my first full awards season since relocating to Los Angeles and the first really in full flow since the pandemic.

I didn’t make it onto any of the red (or champagne coloured) carpets, but so many creative friends and colleagues did – all justly getting their moment of recognition for coming up with, writing, directing and producing content for the big behemoths of Hollywood.

Alongside the talent, the awards ceremonies bring out the suits from their executive floors and corner offices: the CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and COOs that love to bask in the glory of the creative machine – mostly without possessing a creative bone themselves.

And that is, of course, fine. Our wider ecosystem needs all types of skillsets to make it function properly. But let’s not forget, without the incredible talent of the writers and show runners that they employ there would be nothing for them to hitch their wagon to and certainly no awards shows or glitzy galas…

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