Actors union SAG-AFTRA joined the Writers Guild of America this week in downing tools, as US turmoil reached new heights in the battle between studios and creatives. Arrested Industries CEO Anthony Kimble reflects on life in LA and explores potential outcomes from what looks likely to be ‘one big hot mess of a summer’.

Despite being the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood is not a fun place to be right now.

While filing this article about the writers’ strike, I heard that SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP failed to broker a deal and will now join the WGA on the picket lines.

This will be the first time in 63 years that there has been a double union strike.

I’ve never felt more like Chicken Licken; the sky truly feels like it is falling down! It’s all just turning out to be one big hot mess of a summer, and not in a good way.

Today, nobody can look busy. No writing is meant to be taking place, of course. Equally no meetings. No zooms…

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