Fugitive, the production and financing company run by Anthony Kimble and Merrily Ross, has picked up international distribution rights to four new projects from Rogo Productions, including transgender Jewish drama “Abby” and a high-profile doc series about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Fugitive has also formed an exclusive partnership with the London-based production company, run by Alex Holder, producer of feature doc “Keep Quiet,” which has played on Netflix.

The deal will also see Fugitive take international distribution rights to “Empty Planet,” a new fast-turnaround COVID-19 series, as well as “Keep Quiet.”

Drama “Abby” is based on the true story of Abby Stein, a young woman from New York, who used to be an ultra-Orthodox rabbi. Seven years ago, she was Yisroel Stein, a Jewish rabbi in Brooklyn with a young wife, a small child and and rising star on the rabbinical circuit — until he shocked his community and came out as Abby, a transgender woman.

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